Interview with Punto y Coma

I’ve done an interview with the Chilean magazine Punto y Coma, about my work and book. You can read it in Spanish at the link. Perhaps the most interesting question is the final one, where I was asked if I thought there was anything still relevant about the cultural Cold War today. Here is part of what I said (translated back into English): “What is important about the fight for ‘hearts and minds’ it that it is not longer a matter of intellectual magazines. It is, above all, a battle in social media, where all can participate. We have a vision, however hazy, of the political and cultural distortions of the Cold War. Although we know perfectly well that social networks are distorted by political interests and the business that shape them like Facebook and Twitter, we don’t know the degree to which our ways of thinking are shaped by such manipulations. That seems me the most important complexity to confront in our time.”

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