Gulf Coast II

At the beach north of Veracruz.

And at the ruins of Cempoala, The buildings here are relatively modest, but 500 years ago, they were apparently covered in plaster, and one of Cortes’ footmen mistook them for silver. Today, they are surrounded by farmland, mostly sugarcane, and indeed some of the buildings are fenced off, inaccessible, in the middle of people’s fields.

4 responses to “Gulf Coast II

  1. I will maintain that I did actually read a real book … and I don’t know what those quotation marks are attempting to insinuate.It was a wonderful trip. Thanks for taking me to the beach, honey.


  2. They are trying to insinuate that I didn’t believe you when you said that they were 5km away, not that you hadn’t read it. Just such a sensible thing to do, you know. “Reading.”


  3. Thanks for always teaching me something while I read your blog. I had 2 6 year olds over today and we looked at my shell collection, among many other activities like bead stringing, a makeshift musical ensemble, tinker toys, lincoln logs, etc. But, as I was dusting off the sand dollars on my bathroom ledge, I was wondering what more about them. Thanks for explaining the spines, and including the link. —Good for Nicole for calling you on the quotation marks. I also was trying to figure out their implications. Was it that since it was possibly a tour book, she didn’t have to actually read the whole thing? I suspect you weren’t really doubting Nicole, but were doubting the info in the book. Beware ambiguous quotations. 😉


  4. Duly chastened! Sometimes the humor in a sentence that would be clear in conversation doesn’t come through in print. It’s something I should think about more.


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